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If you're a reviewer interested in any of our books, please contact the author(s) directly through their websites. 

If you have an event and would like a YA author from Teen Shiver to appear, please email us with the details at: Contact@TeenShiver.com.

If you're a Texas YA author who writes books that make a reader shiver, and are willing to roll up your sleeves with our group, send us a request for more information on how you can join our group to: Contact@TeenShiver.com. Tell us about your book(s), give us your ISBN#, and your publisher and release date. If we have room on our roster, we'd love to consider new blood. Because we are committed to supporting retail book sellers, we are not accepting e-book only submissions, no vanity or subsidy presses, and no self-published authors at this time.

For press kits and more about the authors, go to the Author page and click on their website links.