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October 28, 2014

New Web TV Series From Teen Shiver Author, Rachel Caine

New Release, Out Now!
Make sure to check out the new web TV series, MORGANVILLE, from Rachel Caine!

Synopsis: In 2006, Rachel Caine published the first novel of what would become the Morganville Vampires series, Glass Houses. She had no idea then that the series would become so wildly popular (translated into languages in 22 countries), or that her readers would become so passionate about making a film or TV series a reality. Read more about the books here…

In 2009, Morganville was optioned for film and television, but as so often happens, it just didn’t work out, despite the wonderful producer behind the effort and three solid years of work. So in 2013, Rachel spoke with legendary online guru Felicia Day of Geek & Sundry, who agreed that it might be an interesting thing to try adapting the material to an online audience. It made a lot of sense, because with the worldwide readership for the books, making it available simultaneously to everyone around the world would be a huge advantage. Felicia also introduced Rachel to Blake Calhoun, another award-winning producer and director who happened to be in the Dallas/Fort Worth area, close to Rachel … practically neighbors!

Blake and Rachel discussed the idea and decided to go to the fans with it, in the form of a Kickstarter crowdfunding campaign … which raised over $80,000 for the production of the online show! Then Geek & Sundry came in with additional funding, and the show really got underway in earnest.

Rachel wrote six scripts, and work began in planning the production itself. Blake and Rachel decided to shoot the show in Dallas, and found some fantastic locations that were perfect for Morganville. Casting went on via online auditions, plus in person in Dallas, Austin, New Orleans and Los Angeles, and by the time we were finished we’d found what we believe is the perfect cast to embody our story.

So what can you do to help, if you love the show? Watch it! It’s that simple. Help us spread the love of Morganville, because the more views we get, the better our chances of making a Season 2.

Thanks for being a Morganville Resident!

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