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October 31, 2012

I've always loved Coming Attractions...

As a kid, I would sit in the theater and wait, as excited about the sneak peeks at new movies as I was about the show I was there to see. Sometimes the previews were for movies I knew about, but other times what I saw was a complete surprise, and the combination of images, music, and teaser left me over-the-top excited for what was coming next. (For the record, this addiction to sneak peeks also applies to TV shows: Lost wasn’t over until the previews aired!)

What would it be like, I sometimes wonder, to get Coming Attractions for more than just fiction? What if we got them for life? What if, the second we met some really awesome guy, we got a quick peek into the future and knew if we were on the edge of a thrilling romance, or an absolute horror show?  Seems like a pretty awesome idea to me.

But life doesn’t play like that, at least not for most of us. But throughout history, there are those who do get sneak peeks into the Future. From the Oracle of Delphi to Nostradamus, Edgar Cayce to Jean Dixon or James Van Prague, Alison Dubois (of Medium fame), their stories have always fascinated me. In days gone by they were called seers or prophets. These days they tend to get the label of psychic—or fraud.

What would it be like, I’ve often wondered. What would it be like to know something really bad was going to happen—a plane crash or a house burn, a teacher die? What if the disjointed scenes played through your mind like Coming Attractions, sometimes for friends, sometimes for strangers?  What if you could walk into a falling down building, and see the past? What would it be like to be labeled a fraud?  What would you do?

What could you do?

It’s from all these questions, from the lure of the Unexplained and the thrilling possibility of the Unknown, that the Midnight Dragonfly series was born. As soon as the character of sixteen-year-old psychic, Trinity Monsour, came to me, quite literally in a dream, I knew I had to write her story. I couldn’t stop thinking about what it would be like to know things you weren’t supposed to know—that no one, at least at first, believed. That’s a pretty huge burden, especially for a high school student trying to settle into a new city and a new life, figure out why the truth about her birthright has been kept from her, and whether she’s really falling in love with the totally wrong guy. But that’s exactly the situation Trinity finds herself in.

From precognition to dream interpretation, telepathy, empathic ability, and communicating with the dead, hypnosis, mind control, and even Ouija boards, the Midnight Dragonfly series explores the frontiers of the human mind, and the ties that bind us all.

Glimpses. That’s all they are. Shadowy premonitions flickering through the farthest reaches of sleep. Some are terrifying: a knife lifting, a girl screaming, a body in the grass. But others— the dark, tortured eyes and the shattering kiss, the promise of forever— whisper to her soul.

They come without warning. They come without detail. But they always mean the same thing; the clock is ticking—and only Trinity can stop it.

Live the Mystery
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