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June 8, 2012

Our First Newspaper Review Calls Triumph of Death "The Best Alex Van Helsing book so far"

Hey Gang- Today we have our first print newspaper review of Alex Van Helsing: The Triumph of Death and it ROCKS.
Book 3, Triumph of Death, opens with a dizzying, James Bond-style action piece as the plane returning Alex to school is hijacked by vampires that hack a Polidorium computer and disable the cockpit, requiring Alex to fight them in freefall without a parachute. After surviving this harrowing experience, he gets to briefly catch up with his friends Paul, Sid and Minhi (and meet new student Astrid Gretelian) before the vampire organization known as the Scholomance attacks the Swiss town of Secheron. Throwing a veil of darkness around the town, the vampires—under the command of Elle, Alex’s undead nemesis—commence to construct a bizarre tableau heralding the arrival of Claire Clairmont, resurrected queen of the dead and former lover of Lord Byron, now known as the vampire Icemaker. The Scholomance is finally driven off by the Polidorium with help from Alex and Astrid, who turns out to be a young agent of the Hexen (a world-wide organization of witches to which Alex’s mother belongs). ...

Triumph is the best of the series so far, expanding the mythos and forcing Alex to face the implications of his choices in rewarding, resonant ways. The book is still action-packed and fast-moving, but the horror and indignation Alex feels—not only toward the vampires, but also about the measures humans must take to fight them—elevate the narrative, adding depth and gravitas. All the hallmark Henderson genre nods are in place, and literate fans won’t be able to stop smiling. My only complaint? I’d love Harry Potter-length novels in this universe. The ride is over too fast! Triumph of Death will be released in hardcover on July 24.

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