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April 18, 2012

Media Life: Listen to the Ernie Cline (Ready Player One) Interview!

You have a new episode of Media Life to listen to, and boy is it a doozy.
I was privileged to spend an hour talking to Ernie Cline, author of the simply awesome 80s-philic NY Times Best Seller Ready Player One, which I reviewed when it came out:

Ready Player One is a Great American Novel.
No joke. It really is. I just finished reading Ready Player One, the debut novel from Ernest Cline, a writer I've met a billion times in Austin but that doesn't matter. Ready Player One, coming from Crown in August, is a great American novel. Every page makes you tremble in awe, that a book can so deftly and even heart-wrenchingly capture so many phenomena of modern life: the love of pop culture, the sacrifice of identity to a better, false, virtual self, the neglect of a world in exchange for a beautiful second one.
So you have to hear the interview! Ernie expounds on writing, writers, the 80s, geeking out, and even slam poetry and his favorite writing book. Check it out!
Hear the new Ernie Cline episode of the Media Life Podcast:

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