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October 5, 2011

Hi, I'm Tracy :)

Hi Everyone,
I'm a little late posting today, but I guess it's good to start how I'll probably continue ... setting a precedent and all that ;) Anyway, I'm Tracy Deebs, and my first YA novel, Tempest Rising, hit the shelves in May 2011.  It's a dark paranormal mermaid romance, involving Tempest, a sixteen-year-old girl who must decide between becoming mermaid or staying human on her seventeenth birthday.  All along, she thinks she's going to stay human, but then strange things start happening that make her think that the decision isn't going to be quite as easy as she expected it to be.  Add in a very sexy selkie prince, a hot human boyfriend, a lot of surfing an evil sea witch and a battle between good and evil and you pretty much have Tempest Rising.  The sequel, which is the second book in the Tempest trilogy, is called Tempest Unleashed and it hits the shelves in My 2012.

My next book is The International Kissing Club, which I wrote as Ivy Adams with two of my closest friends.  It's the story of four small town Texas girls who, because of an inciting incident, decide the best way to deal is to get out of town.  They become international exchange students in France, China and Australia and end up forming the IKC Facebook page to keep in touch ... and make their time overseas more interesting.  It hits shelves in January 2012.

My last series is the Pandora trilogy, the first book of which hits shelves in Fall 2012.  It's called Doomed and it's a modern day retelling of the Pandora's Box myth, except instead of opening a box, she opens an attachment and hearkens technological armageddon (I basically end the world as we know it in 7 days ;)

So that's my writing.  Now on to an intro of me.  My basic bio reads:

Tracy Deebs collects books, English degrees and lipsticks and has been known to forget where—and sometimes who—she is when immersed in a great novel. At six she wrote her first short story—something with a rainbow and a prince—and at seven she forayed into the wonderful world of girls lit with her first Judy Blume novel.  From the first page of that first book, she knew she’d found her life-long love.  Now a writing professor at her local community college, Tracy writes YA novels that run the gamut from dark mermaids to kissing clubs to techno-Armageddon stories… and she still has a soft spot for Judy Blume.

To supplement that, I live in Austin, TX, teach writing and American Literature to college students, write adult romances under two pseudonyms (including paranormal dragon shifter romance, urban fantasy romantic suspense, and contemporary romance) and live with four men-- okay, one man and three boys, but that's still a lot of testosterone on a daily basis.  Trust me.  I also love Diet Dr. Pepper, Twix Bars, shopping at the MAC store, and getting facials.  Not to mention I'm addicted to going to the movies, watching the MTV show Awkward, hanging out with my writing pals and reading all things YA romance.

Anyway, it's nice to meet you and I look forward to hanging out with you a lot more in the weeks and months to come.  And as a thank you for sticking with my rambling and late blog post, I'll give away a copy of Tempest Rising to one of you, so leave a comment to be entered to win.


  1. Hey Tracy. I absolutely LOVED Tempest Rising and can't wait to read more from you. So glad you're on TeenShiver. WOOT!

  2. You. Are. Awesome. I'm so glad we're TS pals.

    Love, fangirl slash TS friend, Linds

  3. Wow, all of those books sound like so much fun! I'll be on the lookout for Tempest Rising. And yay for Awkward! I heart that show so much. :)

  4. So nice to meet you, Tracy! Wow, you are one BUSY lady. Hee. And that book cover is beautiful. Those colors are gorgeous. Can't wait to read these books!

  5. Hello Tracy! I had the honor of reading your book and completely feel in love with your writing! I would love to be in one of your writing classes! Can't wait to read your next book!

  6. SO glad you're here, Tracy! I bought your book last week and can't wait to dive in!!! :)

  7. Oh wow! The cover for Tempest Rising is gorgeous! I'm glad I followed the link from Lindsay's blog to here. :D

  8. Following back from kzbookblog.blogspot.com amazing blog and will spread the word.

  9. Hi everyone, Sorry I'm so late responding, but my life is insane. No other word for it right now, lol. Thanks for all your kind words-- I really appreciate them.

    Kziggy, it is a cool blog, isn't it? (I can say that as I had nothing to do with putting it together). But Jordan, Tori and Lindsay have done an amazing job!

    Bailey, thanks so much. I was really lucky with the artist they hired to do the cover. I'm very impatiently awaiting the cover for Tempest Unleashed.

    Tori, thanks! Hope you like Tempest :)

    Oh, Savannah, thank you so much! I really appreciate it.

    Oh, Anita, I'm crazed, but that's okay. I wouldn't be any other way.

    Thanks, Meredith. And yes, Awkard is amazing. Jake or Matty?

    Lindsay, I think you're amazing too! I can't wait to read your book-- it sounds so incredible.

    Jordan, thanks for inviting me. I love the authors involved in Teen Shiver. You guys are fantastic!